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Full Event Branding Solution

Good Goods Show 2016 is an event comprised of Lai Yuen Park carnival, brands and products expo from different countries.


We were invited to design the event identity of the Good Goods Show 2016 by Lai Yuen Park. The identity shows the spirit of Hong Kong brands by illustrating neon signage together with the elements of Lai Yuen Park as the key visual. We also created a graphic system for the event, clearly distinguished the zones of Hong Kong, Guangdong, Taiwan, Macau, International and F&B.

Pow Low 4x25km Relay Race is a running event organised by Pow Bow Running Crew targeted aged 30 or above male runners in Hong Kong. “Pow” means “running” while “Low” means “adult men (guy)”, so we aimed to design an event identity which implies the spirit and taste of “adult men”.


As it was a 100km road relay race round Hong Kong, a concrete road texture was used together with a logo designed in a raw and energetic way to create a unique image to the event. A slanting stroke was used to represent the road running race and as a supporting graphic of the whole system. The irregular shape of the logo implies the compulsions of adult men.


Full Event Branding Solution

Green Summer Festival was a festival organised by the Central Venue Management in 2014 summer. The festival was comprised of farming, shopping, painting, picnicking, sunbathing, or just relaxing by the harbourfront under the blue sky.


We have created a full event identity for the festival including logo, key visual, graphic system, banners and marketing materials. The logo we designed simply represented the shape of the venue. The graphic system created a strong visual identity for festival by projecting a green and relaxing summer.


Event Identity

Chess@Ches was a large scale outdoor chess funfair which was part of the Summer Fest at the Central Harbourfront organized by the Central Venue Management.

We were invited to design the event identity of the funfair. We have created a key visual with huge chess as the main focus to represent the human-height chess installation in the event.

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