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Total Branding Solution


812 Laundry is a Hong Kong based mobile laundry offering door-to-door delivery of clothes washing service. They serve all areas of Hong Kong with a delivery crew introducing the concept of mobile laundry.

We rebranded the whole brand identity for 812 Laundry, in order to project a modern and young image to their clients.


Total Branding Solution

Thousand Concept is a Hong Kong-based 
architectural firm offering innovative concepts and designs of architectural solutions.

We branded the whole corporate identity for Thousand Concept, from the logo, and business card to the website. We designed a logo consisting of “TC”, which is an abstract shape of architectural tools “T-ruler” and “protractor”. Which is also a bird’s eye view of two buildings. We developed a supporting graphic system by using a city map to extend the concept and company vision.


Brand Identity & Packaging

Lan Fong Yuen is a famous Hong Kong traditional restaurant serves traditional foods and drinks since 1952.


We are invited to redesign it's visual identity including the graphic system applied on the interior and packaging. We modernized the visual identity while keeping the traditional flavour by using classic design style from 50's Hong Kong.


Total Branding Solution

Brandlab is an online retail and management company. Established in 2013 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

We designed a corporate identity to Brandlab by using the idea of periodic table and chemistry elements. The whole identity shows Brandlab is a lab which investigates the solutions of online retail management for different brands.

The periodic table design provides a dynamic supporting graphic system for collaterals and website.


Total Branding Solution

Blackwood Magenta is a fashion store focuses on international high-fashion. She aims to provide a platform for shopaholics with fashion items of latest trend.

We provided a total branding solution to Blackwood Magenta. The entire identity gives her a trendy and high-fashion image.

A & CW

Corporate Identity

A&CW CPA (Practising) Limited is known as providing professional organization in Assurance and Advisory service in Hong Kong, China and Worldwide.

We created the corporate identity for A&CW in this project. A "seal" and a neat design are used as the identity of the company, implies the integrity and professionalism.


Corporate Identity

W. Falcon Financial Group is one of the leading providers of asset management and investment services in Asia Pacific.


ABCDESIGN has created the corporate identity for W. Falcon in this project.
A red "Ru Yi" and a neat design are used as the identity of the company, it links up the Chinese culture "as one wishes" and the characteristics of the business field of
W. Falcon.


Total Branding Solution

Déjà Vu is a voguish online shop. She gathers unique and sophisticated goods made in Europe, USA and UK, which makes them stand out from the local goods. Fashion, accessories, vintages, beauty, handmade craft and housewares can be found in our store.

We create the branding identity for Déjà Vu Shop in this project.


Brand Identity

Glamour Perfume was the first custom-design perfume company in Hong Kong. With a selection of over 100 unique scents imported from the U.S.A, they specialize in creating tailor-made perfumes for customers.

We designed the packaging of the Glamour Perfume, created a premium and elegant image to their products. We conceptualy used the silhouette of a woman using a perfume as a graphic of one of the perfume box.


Logo & Products Design

Everythingaholic is a new generation brand founded by ABCDESIGN's designer Calix Wong in 2010. It aims to produce gimmick and interesting products, for those who are addicted in everything.

We have a task to design the branding identity and a set of new gift cards for Everythingaholic in this projects.


Corporate Identity

Renaissance is an appraisals company provides a wide range of professional valuation and consultancy services. We are asked to design the corporate identity and website for the client. A clean and neat logo is designed in order to create a professional and international image to the company. Strong yellow color scheme makes Renaissance stand out from the competitors.


Branding Identity

Darts Hippies is a place where dart players can enjoy their dart lives. It is a professional darts centre providing players a leisure and relax atmosphere. We are invited to design the brand identity of Darts Hippies. We aimed to create a funny, relax and hippies image to the brand.


Branding Identity

Yichangle is a phamaceutical brand with a signature product optimizing gastrocolic performance which is mainly made of organic corn.

We designed a packaging series for Yichangle with a conceptual graphic of corn as a key visual identity of the brand and products.

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