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Everyday OOTD NFT of a Bulldog

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Have you ever cared about what’s your pet is THINKING? 

You’re his BEST FRIEND.
He always wanna play with you, he loves what you love,
even, he may wanna dress as awesome as you!

OOTDog is a story of a bulldog Bob who loves his master, he wanna dress as cool as his boss. He wanna wear cool outfits every day.

The OOTDog NFT project is targeted to raise awareness of the care of our pets. To consider more what they really want, to spend more time with them in their lives.


We will make donations from the profit to Animal Charities, such as but not limited to

Best Friends Animal Society
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Puppies Behind Bars

The NFTs

The Bulldog's Master

calixabc - a REAL designer, influencer, and fashion brand founder living in the METAVERSE. Thinking everybody is one of the only ones in the world, while everybody wears a unique outfit presenting himself every day.

Artist & The Team


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